This post was initially relatively angry. Of course the whole series of fires was quite upsetting, as much as the blame turned towards social media by certain public characters who were not as able to cope as they hoped.

It is funny how it all just interrupted the morning after. And how surprisingly nobody resigned. Or maybe it was surprising of people to expect it…hmmm.

Anyway, leaving part of the original post from here on.

Joroach wrote on Twitter: “I saw 3 or 4 young women looting Tesco Express for nappies and milk tonight. Difficult and serious problems beneath this mess “

Here is an amazing speech by a lady that many have by now seen:

Here is an interesting BBC interview from this morning:

Either a not very sharp person or someone having a laugh:

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Image of car on fire in Stamford Hill:

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I also really respect and appreciated and was so happy to see this photo of the Turkish Community in Dalston standing up for the businesses I’m sure they worked hard for:

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…shop windows being smashed in Clapham when no police was there. This was online shortly after it happened.